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About Pluang

Established in 2019, Pluang's mission is to transform money management in Southeast Asia with a simple-to-use, multi-asset investment platform by trusted communities.

Currently, Pluang has more than 6.5 million registered users and caters to diverse investing asset classes such as gold, crypto asset, stock index, and US Dollar.


Pluang has an ongoing need to accelerate growth by focusing its effort in reaching new audiences and delivering a positive brand experience that brings value and reliability in order to maintain its position as the leading investment super app in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia.

Strategy-Driven Solutions

TyrAds' excellent proprietary technology and machine learning algorithms guaranteed Pluang's leading position on the market by targeting high intent users with zero fraud via multiple traffic sources, which are divided into several types of campaigns.

TyrAds focused on utilizing safe channels that provide a high degree of retention and quality by distributing premium ad placements in OEMs and Direct Apps to ensure exceptional targeting capabilities based on key user behavior.


Pluang overachieved download and lifetime value (LTV) goals using TyrAds proprietary machine learning marketing technology.

Install to registration success rate

Install to registration success rate

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Install to unique buy success rate

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Partnership for more than one year

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