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About the Company

ZiMAD's journey from 5 to 36 countries

Headquartered in San Fransico, ZiMAD is a gaming studio specializing in mobile games. With more than ten years of experience, the company brings revolutionary concepts and ideas to life while redefining conventional mobile gaming.

ZiMAD's mission is to deliver enjoyable entertainment experiences to people worldwide.

The Challenges

Safe media channels to promote ZiMAD's brand-sensitive title

TyrAds' partnership with ZiMAD started in 2020 when the client sought our assistance to find reliable and secure media channels that could promote their brand-sensitive title.

Moreover, ZiMAD aspired to expand its user base in order to sustain its leading position in the market through a well-executed User Acquisition strategy, with the aim to achieve high ROI and improved retention rate.

Our Strategy-Driven Solutions

Suitable strategy to achieve ZiMAD's objectives

TyrAds constructed the most suitable strategy to acquire high-intent users for ZiMAD based on their objectives. We decided to focus on finding brand-safe channels that provide a high degree of retention and quality.

With the aim to overcome ZiMAD's challenges and reach its User Acquisition goals, TyrAds found a perfect solution by launching ZiMAD's campaign through premium advertising channels, which are Alternative App Stores and Direct Apps.

Establishing and performing campaigns through Alternative App Stores with TyrAds' long-time partners, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Transsion, were genuinely beneficial for ZiMAD's advertising exposure because it offers a suite of apps and huge advertising spaces.

As a result, the medium helped ZiMAD outstretched more than 1.4 billion users during the time of the partnership. Moreover, with TyrAds' approach to focus on the high degree of targeting capabilities based on key users behaviors, ZiMAD successfully targeted the right users.

On the other hand, Direct Apps consists of several major app developers with the potential to deliver billions of users across the globe. Therefore, TyrAds helped ZiMAD leverage this channel by promoting their campaign on SHAREit, Bigo Ads, and many available Direct Apps platforms. Furthermore, TyrAds personalized and optimized ZiMAD's advertisements with the Direct Apps based on its potential users' interests.

The Result

Overachieved ROI target with TyrAds' tech-powered solution

ZiMAD leveraged TyrAds' tech-powered User Acquisition solutions to successfully find reliable traffic sources that offer high ROI and retention.

With the help of our curated strategy, we overachieved ZiMAD's ROI target by 20% with around 180,000 monthly installs and an ad fraud level below 3%. Our approach also helped ZiMAD to expand its market from 5 countries to 36 countries across the globe.

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