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About the Company

mPokket: The ultimate solution for quick and flexible loans

mPokket was established in 2016 to provide instant loans for students and employees. The lending process is entirely online, and the loan takers can borrow the money for up to rp 30,000, depending on their credit scores.

Moreover, the company has a flexible repayment plan of up to 4 months and exciting cashback and rewards for users.

The Challenges

User acquisition to stay on its competitive edge

mPokket is a reliable, growing financial startup trusted by millions of Indian residents. However, as the competition in the financial ecosystem heavily grows for the past couple of years, they wanted to reach more users to sustain their reputation as the number one instant loan app in the country.

TyrAds and mPokket started the partnership in November 2021 to leverage our machine-learning solutions to secure the safe channels that will assist mPokket in reaching its marketing objectives.

Our Strategy-Driven Solutions

Boosting user growth with TyrAds' cutting-edge solutions

TyrAds put together simple and focused strategies that are guaranteed to work. Furthermore, our team ensured that these personalized strategies successfully overcame the challenges mPokket faced by perfectly targeting users based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors that are aligned with mPokket's audiences.

After carefully analyzing the challenges and performances of mPokket based on its historical data, we came up with two most suitable holistic marketing approaches: promoting through the Alternative App Stores and Direct Apps.

The approach through Alternative App Stores assured a low competition environment at the most effective user acquisition cost. For mPokket, we decided to run with Mi Store from Xiaomi and Vivo App Store.

In addition, this strategy provided promising niche markets with relatively fewer published apps available compared to the giants of Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Thus, it created an accessible competitive promotion in order to achieve a higher organic ranking and download growth.

Alternative App Stores also allow your app to be downloaded directly from the advertisement, drastically impacting conversion rates. Furthermore, it has access to a more localized and specialized audience to generate more users to help achieve the mPokket's objective.

Alongside our approach with the Alternative App Stores, we tried other alternatives and recognized the advertising potential with non-market placement as our Direct App partner.

TyrAds' advertising advance to leverage this platform for mPokket showed incredible download growth. Furthermore, the Direct App partners helped to maximize the brand's potential as it can deliver the app to billions of targeted users worldwide.

The Result

TyrAds elevates mPokket's user growth potential

TyrAds' tech-driven and systematic strategies delivered results that complement the mPokket's objectives.

Discover the key insights and comprehensive results from our partnership with mPokket by downloading the case study.

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