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Performance Marketing

Dive into the World of Performance Marketing. Is It for You?


The rapid growth of digitalization and the recent worldwide pandemic have reshaped the way businesses execute their marketing strategy. The global digital advertising and marketing market especially experience massive impact. It is expected to grow around 225% from 2020 to 2026. App marketing is not an exception.

As it has risen tremendously, businesses are forced to be smart when it comes to their app marketing decisions. It is because digital advertising competition also arises. Therefore, app developers must find better ways to reach the right audience for their apps. This is where performance marketing plays a part. 

Performance Marketing Recap

As the name suggested, performance marketing is one of the strategies of digital marketing that focuses on campaign performance. Advertisers only pay the agencies or companies based on the results achieved on their published campaigns – whether it is click or conversion. Performance marketing puts the power back in the advertiser’s hands. It ensures the company spends its marketing budget efficiently and accordingly.

Many companies used to focus a lot on branding in the traditional method of marketing. However, the strategy has shifted as branding is not enough to nurture long-term growth and relevance in the market to stay profitable. Performance marketing was born from this need which is to build a strategy with a proven Return on Investment (ROI). 

This advanced marketing technique also allows a great number of user acquisitions by focusing on retention. A business certainly can boost its size and revenue by implementing this app marketing strategy.

Performance Marketing is the Frontier of App Advertising

Advertisers nowadays favor performance marketing over other methods for its “minimum budget, maximum result” persona.

  • Maximum reach: Advertisers can leverage technology for high-speed distribution to penetrate the market. The purpose is to find the right audiences for their products and services. This authorizes advertisers to gain a more significant and diverse audience which will help them to maximize and widen their reach. 
  • Data-based: It uses a scientific approach by allowing advertisers to analyze all the performance data instead of vaguely estimating what will not work and what will work like in the traditional marketing strategy. 
  • Low risk: The advertiser monitors every step of a performance marketing campaign. It puts them in the sweet spot of always being in a better position to reduce risk whenever necessary. 
  • Budget-friendly: Its data transparency also efficiently permits the advertiser to continuously alter its performance marketing strategies to complete its defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) without breaking the bank. Again, businesses only pay for what has been achieved. 

Cost-effective, almost riskless, and result-driven. Who doesn’t like that?

It’s Trackable and Measurable


ROI is an important component in performance marketing. Therefore, every action has to be recorded, analyzed, and measured. It guarantees that the campaigns running can be understood and optimized to improve their performances. The cornerstone of a successful performance marketing campaign is measurable ROI.

Here are some key metrics which are frequently used in performance marketing: 

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): The final amount charged for every click on the published campaign. It’s also often regarded as PPC or Pay-per-Click. CPC is usually less than the maximum CPC (Max. CPC).
  • Cost-per-Mille (CPM): This method heavily relies on impressions as the advertisers will pay a set of amounts for every thousand ad views. It is the most common method of pricing ads in digital marketing.
  • Cost per Action (CPA): The advertiser will only pay if there is a purchase made after clicking the ads. CPA is gathered to have the biggest revenue potential with the smallest amount of capital compared to other methods. 
  • Lifetime Value (LTV): A popular metric to boost ROI that concentrates on analyzing a customer relationship with a company. It predicts the spending of an acquired user based on their ongoing activity.  

Executing a Good Performance Marketing Strategy

A good strategy needs to have thorough preparation. Here are some performance marketing tips and tricks:

  • Make sure the metrics chosen are aligned with the desired KPIs. 
  • Targeting specific user segments will help you focus on your strategy.
  • Choose the traffic sources carefully. Using the right and safe channels ensures high engagement delivery without fraud. In TyrAds, we integrate only with direct inventory like app developers’ OEMs and SDK networks that have verified traffic.
  • Tracking, monitoring, and A/B testing the campaigns are crucial. 
  • Even though it is secure, always prepare for risk and mitigation. 

Is Performance Marketing for You? 

Performance marketing gives you the power and freedom to advertise without worrying so much about exploding your marketing budget. Its data transparent, cost-effective, almost riskless, and result-driven nature make it the favorite of new-age app marketers and clients.

Reap all the benefits of performance marketing now!

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