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Promote Your App with Oppo

How to Promote Your App with Oppo?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) along with their respective hardware and software present unique marketing opportunities for app developers. It is due to the fact that they are largely untapped, cheaper markets with fewer competitors compared to the market leader duos, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. 

OPPO is an excellent example of an OEM which has its own app store and inventory. The brand currently accounts for 9% of smartphone market share worldwide. It has a large user base in China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Therefore, with a carefully executed app marketing strategy, companies and brands can leverage this platform to scale up their app growth and businesses. 

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OPPO is undoubtedly one of the biggest smartphone brands out there with more than 300 million active users. It shipped 27.4 million smartphone units in Q1 2022 which are sold in more than 50 countries and regions. It is the highest selling brand in Indonesia with a 22.3% market share throughout Q1 2022. 

The Chinese brand users skew younger generations, with the majority between 18 and 35 years old. They are highly active on social media, especially when it comes to consuming video content. Its average daily app usage is a bit over three hours. 

The marketing in OPPO is done through Heytap, an extensive global internet service platform that merges three brands: OPPO, Realme, and Oneplus. This means that you will be getting a wide range of audiences in all high-traffic markets that extend beyond what OPPO alone can offer to drive growth. 

OPPO App Market Advertising Options

It is important to know the varieties of ads served in the app store especially when you are penetrating a new market. Here are the types of ads available to advertise through OPPO’s ColorOS: 



PUSH ads work the same as PUSH notifications, which we are all familiar with. These are the notifications that pop up on our screen, usually over other apps. These ads offer high impressions, and they also support targeting, which allows you to focus on specific users through the use of labels. The ads also support deep linking, so the user can be taken to a specific section of an app.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads

Banners sit atop the home page where they can really catch the eye of any passing user. These types of ads offer downloads directly from the app store home page, which removes any sort of fuss that may turn a user off. Like PUSH ads, banner ads also support targeting and deep linking.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads

These full-page ads dominate the screen, so it is no surprise that they offer a high impression rate. On top of that, marketers that have used splash screen ads have also experienced high conversion rates. With support for targeting and deep linking, these are an effective way to see major gains.

Icon Ads

As the name suggests, these ads are the smallest of the bunch. That is the downside to icon ads; they do not grab your attention like the bigger displays. However, there is a benefit to the smaller size. Icon ads can be displayed all over the place, like the home page, boot guide, the Starter-Must-Have feature, and even as a download recommendation. They cannot be targeted and there is no deep linking, but icon ads are versatile and, as a bonus, they do not require any additional creatives other than the standard icon.

OPPO Browser Ads

Despite the prevalence of Google Chrome, the built-in OPPO browser still sees fifty-eight million monthly active users in Southeast Asia. The browser home page is customizable, so different users can view different layouts, but there are always three different advertising opportunities: splash screen, news feed ads, and skin banner ads.

OPPO Theme Store

OPPO Theme Store

Finally, there are ways to advertise in OPPO’s theme store, as well as their various system tools. Their apps for music, video, file managing, download managing, and more all have spots for different advertisements. There are a lot of high-exposure locations that could house your ad, which should drive plenty of traffic your way. The company also plans to open even more ad spaces, so the opportunities will only grow.

The Pay Models

Advertising with OPPO has two different pay models:

  • Pay per impression: You will pay an agreed upon amount every time your ad is displayed a certain number of times. There is no guarantee that users will click on your ad, let alone download your app. You are only paying for the potential impressions, so the advertiser is only obligated to place your ad in the space that you rented.
  • Pay per download: You only have to pay when your app is downloaded. This ensures a higher level of engagement, but it can cost quite a bit more than the pay per impression model because you’re asking for more work on the part of the advertiser. The advertiser does not get paid unless they can deliver downloads, so it is up to them to run an effective enough marketing campaign.

Benefits of App Marketing with OPPO

Executing an app marketing strategy with OPPO comes with various benefits, which are:

Easy to Discover

Increasing discoverability is very crucial to driving app growth and app marketing through OPPO’s alternative app store, OPPO App Market, is one way to go. With hundreds of millions of users dispersed across the globe, the app market definitely offers powerful distribution capabilities. 


The absence of layers between the budget holder and the OEM makes the whole ecosystem of the alternative app store to be fraud-proof. Fraud is a big concern of app developers and marketers, so incorporating this media for app marketing might prevent them from certain capital losses and huge headaches.  

Driving the Incremental Lift

Putting your app on an alternative app store such as OPPO App Market will drive incremental lift for it is able to collect data and recognize different users on organic and paid install. Moreover, the said app store offers high user acquisition and low CPI which gives the related entities to scale their business while having the opportunity to reach their KPIs. 

Brand Awareness

It is a no-brainer that having an app or a brand being represented by a big, well-known company, will increase its brand awareness and help to create a positive brand image. The app market is no different. 

Final Thought

With their products in more than 50 countries and regions, OPPO offers a viable way to advertise in some hefty markets, and without having to battle the stiff competition that comes with the App store or Google Play. Moreover, app marketing through OPPO and its alternative app store, the App Market, offers many benefits which you definitely do not want to miss. 


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