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How to Do In-App Advertising With SHAREit?

SHAREit Presence and Growth Worldwide

SHAREit is a peer-to-peer platform allowing users to share files, stream content, and play games together, even offline. 

Being the most prominent digital content distribution platform in emerging markets, it acquired around 2.4 billion users in the Q3 of 2022. It has been distributed in 150 countries in 45 different languages. 

Moreover, SHAREit currently has offices and developed teams worldwide; Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Israel, and others, accounting for more than 1,000 employees across the globe. 

SHAREit tripled its revenue and recorded significant growth of 220% in the fiscal year 2021/2022. Adding to the achievement, SHAREit also has 30% YoY growth in its global users. 

This global technology company’s monthly active users are spread across several countries. Most of them are in India, but you’ll find users in South Africa, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, and half a dozen more.

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A Quick Overview of SHAREit’s Competitive Advantage

No Sign-Up

In-App Advertising on SHAREit does not require users to sign up to use their service, which is a significant part of its appeal. 

Many users do not want the hassle of making an account, especially when they have just downloaded the app and are taking it for a test run. It is not uncommon to have users hardly willing to jump through the hoops required when signing up because they need time to figure out whether they like your apps or not. 

This is especially important to those users who do not have Google accounts. This is why Google likes the app so much: it appeals to users who want a hassle-free experience.

Game Center

Game Center has one of the most extensive catalogs of mobile games out there, populated with apps from developers worldwide. 

Twenty-five billion – that is 30% – of SHAREit app installs are games. The average user plays for 45 minutes daily, up to 5 hours per week. Three months after it was launched, Game Center already had more than one million daily active users.

Moreover, even if the app you want to promote is not a game, these statistics can still give you an idea of what SHAREit brings to the table.

Advertising Options with SHAREit

SHAREit offers different options to app marketers looking to advertise on their platform. They are: 

Rank Booster

With Rank Booster, your unpublished app is promoted in the pre-launch stage to boost your ranking. In other words, your app can acquire users even before it is available on the app stores. 

Those users can automatically schedule the download or request an APK transmission from a friend with your app. If you tell the team at SHAREit what rank you are shooting for, they will help you design a campaign to reach that rank.

The Rank Booster promotion happens in stages: First, you will see your app in various ad units. Then there will be a countdown ad on the landing page. Users will then see scheduled push notifications, followed by automatic downloads when the app is launched. Finally, they will be given a button to install and open the app.

Sharing Recommendations

SHAREit is all about sharing, so it makes sense that one of their promotions would be based on that. First is the “unique transmission scenario,” where both senders and receivers will get recommendations to download and share your app. This phase will see increased ads to further the installation rate.

Then there will be another wave of ads, this time in the SHAREit game center. There will also be playable demo ads and multiple channels to download the app: direct download, pre-install booking, and retention pop-ups.

Users will get incentives, like gaming coupons, to share and refer your app to their friends. SHAREit will also run special promotions promoting your application.

Deeper Retention

The Deeper Retention promotion will actively seek out users that have downloaded your app but have uninstalled it or otherwise been inactive. Click ads will prompt them to return to your app, and clicking on them will either open your app or take them to a page where they can re-download it if they have uninstalled it.

If your app is still on the user’s device, the promotion will wake it up from the back end and resume sending push notifications. 

Company’s Success Stories with SHAREit

Let’s take a quick look at how SHAREit helped these companies flourish: 


Garena is a Singapore-based company that dabbles in gaming, eSports, eCommerce, and digital finance. They wanted to use SHAREit’s advertising opportunities to increase their popularity in India. Their success story is an excellent example of the potential that SHAREit holds for marketers.

The company partnered with SHAREit in hopes of taking advantage of SHAREit’s 200 million monthly users in India, specifically the Game Center users interested in one of Garena’s most popular mobile games, Free Fire. Using home banner ads and splash ads, Garena could drive engagement to their game and up their installs.

After just one month of running the campaign, Free Fire was installed 4.8 million times. Even better, the fraud rate was a mere 0.2%, which speaks volumes about SHAREit’s effective security practices.


Even if you do not explicitly know who Talking Tom is, you have likely seen the talking gray tabby cat in some form or another. He made his debut in a 2010 video game, which has since spawned countless more video games and other media products.

In 2020, Outfit 7, the team behind Talking Tom, sought SHAREit’s help in promoting their latest products: My Talking Tom 2, Gold Run, and My Talking Tom Friends. The series already has up to eight billion downloads globally, but Outfit7 wanted to increase its presence in India.

SHAREit used Masthead ad solutions to successfully increase downloads for all three titles, and Outfit7 saw strong engagement with its users. As a result, outfit7 saw a combined total of 1.5 million downloads one month into the campaign.

Are You Ready to Advertise Your Apps with SHAREit? 

Listed among one of the top 10 apps in the world, SHAREit is not only popular with its customers and has a strong positive reputation among advertisers. Marketing your app with SHAREit can help increase awareness among prospects, expand your brand reach, generate high-quality leads, and increase the consideration set. In the end, it can ultimately help achieve optimum conversions.

With SHAREit’s branding solutions, you can generate massive buzz and virality around your app. Best of all, it is effective and cost-efficient. Many marketing solutions can help you achieve your goals, but your return does not justify the investment. There is little use in launching a marketing campaign that obliterates your budget just to get a decent ROI.

SHAREit also offers offline advertising, so users will still see your ads even if they do not have coverage. Unfortunately, this is a marketing issue that is not addressed often enough. 

Let’s say you are paying for an interstitial ad in a popular mobile game. If a family is taking a road trip and there is a kid in the backseat playing the game, he will dip in and out of service as they travel. If there is no service when your ad is scheduled to pop up, he will never see it, let alone click on it.

With offline advertising, SHAREit ensures that your ad will be displayed when it is supposed to, every single time.

With SHAREit being wildly popular worldwide and growing, marketers seem to have limitless potential. There are many advertising options out there, but SHAREit appears to be one of the best solutions at the moment.

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