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Promote Your App with Vivo

How to Promote Your App with Vivo?

Ranks among the top five smartphone brands in the world, the Chinese brand has more than 75 million users across the globe. Vivo has developed distribution networks globally. Its primary markets are APAC countries such as China, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In 2020, it expanded its business to Europe by extending its fanbase to France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

(Source: Canalys)

Despite the worldwide smartphone supply chain constraints, Vivo’s global shipment market share slowly increases and sits at 9% throughout the second quarter of 2022. In APAC countries, the brand obtained the highest market share in Bhutan, Maldives, and the Philippines, with 37%, 26%, and 16%, respectively. Furthermore, it is still one of the smartphone brands that dominate the Indonesian market as it generated a 14.81% market share, competing with Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

Advertising Opportunities with Vivo

Indeed, you have recognized the importance of advertising your apps on alternative app stores. That being said, doing app advertisements with Vivo as an OEM can also benefit you, significantly boosting your organic app download as it is a large market with substantial marketing opportunities.

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Here is the list of advertising options you can get with Vivo:

Vivo Browser

The Vivo Browser is placed directly on the main screen deck. Therefore, it offers extensive reach for branding campaigns with a variety of different ad placements, such as:

  • Splash Ad: These full-page ads light up the screen for three seconds, and the campaigns can last up to three days. This ad supports website and app promotions, giving you control over where you send users.
  • Banner Ad: The ads are close to the middle, underneath a speed dial box of apps, and above a feed of news stories. You can run these ads twice a month. But, the campaigns have to be at least a week apart. The campaigns can only run for five days, and creatives must be rotated out every couple of days.
  • Popup Ad: Unlike splash ads, these do not take up the total size of the screen, but they do sit over everything else, forcing the user to manually close the ad to continue using the phone. It offers an estimated clickthrough rate of 3% but does not provide website and app promotions. Still, these absolutely command the user’s attention.
  • Speed Dial: These are app icons on the main browser page, above the news feed. These offer solid ROI for both branding and performance campaigns, and they support H5 and deep linking. An added benefit to icon-based campaigns is no need for other creatives.

Vivo Appstore

Vivo Appstore

This is the OEM’s default app store that sits on the homepage and offers various advertising possibilities. 

Your app can appear in many different sections, including:

  • Recommended for you
  • Must have
  • Topic
  • Selected for you
  • Pop up
  • Home Page

With these ad placements, Vivo suggests you pull in substantial impressions from high-quality users. You can also use a GIF as your app icon, which can raise your clickthrough rate by 50%. Employing a floating icon, which you can do for 12 days per month, can also bring twenty million views.

Other options, which are all CPI models, are splash, pop-up, and push banner ads. Vivo offers simple and easy installation with no technical work on your part and payment data from the appropriate attribution platform.

Pre-Installed/Preloaded Apps

Mobile Apps

Pre-installed, often referred to as a preloaded app, is the app that is installed and licensed before a customer purchases their phone

While it is impossible to guarantee success for any sort of app, striking a deal to include your app in an OEMs pre-installed package is as close as you can get to a sure thing.

With a pre-installed or preloaded app, Vivo offers stable growth of over one million users a month; the system is designed to stimulate users to use your app, push notification whitelisting to help shape retention, and of course, guaranteed installation.

The downside of a pre-installed app is sometimes it can be referred to as bloatware, which means it has a habit of irritating users. However, there is a slight change in the method as currently, users have the freedom to choose and download which pre-installed apps they want on their phones the first time they use them.

Other Opportunities

In addition to the marketing options listed above, which are all viable options with a lot of growth potential, there are a few various spots, such as wallpaper ads on the phone’s lock screen. They also offer Vpush, which can even reach inactive users. Fortunately, there is no SDK integration process, which means very little work for you.

Vivo offers a fantastic way to market in the Southeastern Asian region, and it is also perfect if you want to break into India. They use the CPI model, which means that their campaigns are affordable. They do not offer quite as many ad formats as other OEMs, but they hold a more significant market share than many competitors, which certainly makes up for it.

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