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How to promote your apps with Transsion?

An exceptional brand in Africa and South Asian markets

Transsion is a China-based smartphone manufacturer with three mobile brands, TECNO, Infinix, and itel. It is a big name in the African and South Asian markets. They are among the world’s top seven smartphone shippers; in 2019, they shipped over one hundred million units.

In Africa, in 2019, Transsion held 52.5% of the market share, beating out Samsung to claim the top spot. They also have the highest market share in Pakistan, and their share in Bangladesh is nearing 20%. 

Many attribute Transsion’s success to backing out of the fierce smartphone battle in their own country and instead taking its business to other, underserved markets.

Naturally, the success of their different brands varies, with TECNO accounting for 50% of their business. Infinix and itel make up the other 20% and 30%, respectively. Only 60% of the phones they ship are smartphones, and 40% are feature phones.

Unique products to advertise your apps with

A Transsion smartphone is equipped with several unique apps, which are their original products. As a marketer, you can leverage these apps as a medium to put your ads on. The list is endless but some of the options include:

  • Instant APP
  • Eagleee
  • XOS
  • HiOS
  • Weather
  • Theme, etc.
  • Palm Store

Transitions’ distinctive four advertising options 

Transsion offers four unique placements for advertisements in their mobile OS, which are: 

Zero Screen

The Zero Screen offers apps and various feeds and gets 27.2 million daily visits. Admittedly, this is the least visited of all the pages you could put your ad on, but that is not a shabby number of visitors.


This is the OS’s built-in Cleaner that helps users free up memory on the phone. It receives forty million visits daily and features an excellent, prominent ad placement right in the middle of the screen. It is an ideal placement on a reasonably busy page.


This is where users find their tools. It gets triple the number of users that the Cleaner does at 120 million per day, making it a great place to advertise.


Some people might refer to this as the app drawer. This is where users go to sort through their apps alphabetically. This screen sees the highest number of users per day at 160 million. It’s safe to assume that these are not unique views and that each user visits this screen multiple times daily. That repeated exposure is valuable.

The Palm Store, Transsion’s native app store, offers a variety of ways to get your app out there, including APK and Google Play campaigns and APK and Google Play downloads.

One of the competitive advantages of marketing through Transsion products and applications is a 90% in-app premium inventory, which should appeal to those looking to do some in-app advertising.

They also offer the ability to reach an audience with a high value. Getting your product out there and in front of consumers is only part of the battle. You need consumers to engage, which is what high-value consumers tend to do. Impressions don’t mean anything if the user is simply going to ignore the ad and move on.

Different advertising formats

When you advertise with Transsion, you will get different options around different concepts. If you want maximum impact, you will want to go with one of the following; full screen, interstitial, native, or banner advertisement. 

Full-Screen Ad

If you want to go with a full-screen ad, you can choose to have your app featured in Phone Master, Phoenix Browser, or Eagleee News. 

With each option, your ad will take up roughly 80-90% of the screen, with just a small banner at the bottom to remind the user of the app they’re in.

Interstitial Ad

Interstitial ads are unique because they float over the page and do not disappear until the user explicitly closes them. 

These ads can be placed in native apps like the video player, Radio FM, Eagleee News, and the Launcher Game Lobby.

Native Ad

Then there are the native advertisements, named as such because they are designed to fit in with the look and style of the page they’re on. This results in an ad that is effective yet subtle. 

As we all know, users rarely like seeing advertisements, so they appreciate how unobtrusive native ads can be. These ads can appear in Phoenix Browser, Eagleee News, XShare, and the HiOS theme.

Banner Ad

Finally, there are banner advertisements, arguably the most common mobile ad form. 

These ads display themselves as banners across the page, usually at the top or bottom, to avoid interfering with the page content. These ads can be placed in the Weather app, Video Player, Xclub, and Magic Movie.

It is important to note that all the ads mentioned might see placement adjustments when new versions of the associated apps are rolled out if those updated versions feature layout changes. These adjustments, if they do occur, would likely be slight. It’s safe to assume that Transsion would not make significant adjustments without the approval of advertisers currently running campaigns.

Transsion currently has several CPI partners, namely Dailyhunt, Notebook, Flipkart, Amazon, Helo, Vigo Video, and many others. 

They claim that more partners are on the way, which is easy to believe given their consistent takeover of various markets. In addition, there are a lot of companies that want to be in business with Transsion, with Amazon being the standout.

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Transsion’s success stories to learn from

From Soccerbook to Sportybet success stories, here are some narratives to explain how effective and beneficial marketing your app through Transsion can be.


The soccer-based social platform network-building saw a 20,000 daily download increase, 30% retention, and a 5% increase in clickthrough rate when they advertised through Transsion.


Electronics manufacturer Oraimo marketed through Transsion to increase brand awareness and sales and saw a 15% bump in the latter.

Opera News and Sportybet

Both apps purchased lock screen advertising space and received millions in exposure and 100,000 downloads daily.

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