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Rise of Huawei and How It Benefits App Advertisers

The Rise of Huawei and How It Benefits App Advertisers

Once competed against global behemoths like Samsung and Apple for technologically advanced and high-quality mobile devices, Huawei faced a profound drawback in 2019, known as the “Huawei Ban,” which radically changed its business practice. 

The ban means that Huawei is listed in “the Entity List” and could no longer partner with US-based companies. The ostracization changed Huawei’s way of releasing smartphones. Because, it could no longer be equipped with Google-owned pre-installed applications, which were vital for them.

There are questions if Huawei will be able to rise again after the abrupt plummet. However, it seems that the company recently grips the market with rigid and secure new-age advertising strategies. They believe it will help them make their way back into the multi-million-dollar smartphone industry. 

The Long-Time Victory of Huawei 

Established in 1987, the China-based information and communication technology (ICT) titan connected over three billion people in more than 170 countries. It rapidly grew during the 30 years of its existence, with research and development (R&D) and sales bases distributed worldwide. 

Huawei had a track record as a cutting-edge global firm. It was the world leader in wireless telecommunication networks and number two in the smartphone category. 

Huawei reached the peak of its victory in Q2 2020. It sustained its position as the market leader by dominating 20% of global smartphone shipments.

After that, it experienced a pretty significant downfall starting from Q3 2020. It fell out of the world’s leading five smartphone vendors, strangely not because of the US suppression but due to the Covid-19 hit when there were worldwide smartphone supply chain constraints. 

Huawei’s Focus Is on Establishing a New Advertising Ecosystem

The continuous blow of the Huawei ban and the results from mid-2020 did not put the brand in despair. But instead, they decided to shift and compete with different strategies, which they know will help maintain their status and reestablish their positive brand image in the market. 

Huawei’s recent focus in the mobile advertising industry includes instituting a new mobile advertising ecosystem for Android that other smartphone brands evidently do not have. It will be a game changer and benefit app publishers and advertisers extensively. According to Huawei, the next two years will be their pivotal moment as it will be launched and materialized by that time. 

Moreover, partly because of the ban, Huawei had removed all Google services from its pre-2019 devices, including the Google Advertiser’s ID (GAID). But, we know that Huawei is known for its endless innovation and commitment to producing refined devices. So, the company substituted the services and made the product successors carry Huawei’s services and possibly third-party benefits. It also developed its unique advertising ID, OAID, to target users more precisely and is favorable for advertisers since the Google Privacy Sandbox era is coming in no time. 

Additionally, the company finally decided to revive its 5G development. One of it is establishing its own chip manufacturing facility in Wuhan, China. 

Based on these, it is promised that Huawei’s new devices and services will significantly improve in terms of quality. It is set for them to regain and grow their mobile phone sales in the future. 

Huawei’s Cutting-Edge Advertising Solution

Huawei guarantees fully transmitted ads’ essential information and provides quality services on a vast new scale. It is because they can provide detailed user profiles and abundant media resources which hold five mainstream ad formats. These create a bridge to the massive number of Huawei device users.

In regards to their way of offering an efficient solution while staying on its competitive edge in the mobile advertising industry, Huawei created several advertising platforms on its name, which are: 

Huawei App Gallery

Huawei App Gallery

The App Gallery (written as AppGallery onscreen) is a package manager and an app distribution platform invented by Huawei. Huawei is heavily investing in integrating millions of apps into it, especially those compatible with its operating system, HarmonyOS. 

AppGallery is growing with its 5.4 million global developers. Also, it has established itself as one of the world’s top 3 app stores

Petal Search

Petal Search

Promising “One Search for Everything,” Petal Search helps users to find their favorite mobile apps, images, videos, news, and many more. In addition, it has unlimited access to information pledged to create a comprehensive and unparalleled search experience. 

Petal Search offers various advertising types, with everything altered and displayed based on each app’s focus. For example, Android app search ads will be prominently displayed in the search results when users are searching with terms related to the advertiser’s keywords, insured bringing a higher conversion rate. 

Huawei Display Network

Huawei Display Network comprises both Huawei Apps and third-party apps that have integrated Huawei Ads Publisher Service. In other words, it can display the ads on Huawei’s partners’ platforms and websites. It enables advertisers to promote their apps through many media channels to reach billions of users and achieve desired business objectives. 

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Final Thought: Huawei Is a Huge Opportunity for Advertisers

Huawei has more than 700 million monthly active users, mainly in mainland Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. It is inevitable that advertising with Huawei brings valuable positive impacts for reaching out to the app’s target users and improving an advertiser’s objective ROI. 

But, the best part is yet to be revealed. 

The Huawei misfortune may bring an undesirable event for the brand because many companies think the brand has become irrelevant. In fact, it is a place full of rainbows and sunshine for advertisers who want to leverage their advertising platform. Because it means that the market has little to zero competition

If you’re promoting with Huawei, you’ll instantly reach your desired app marketing and advertising goals. This is mainly because of their growing ecosystem. It is significant for app advertisers and will be even more prominent soon. With their new approach, it is for sure Huawei will go back to its glory in no time.

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